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Drain Stoppages and Clogs

We have many snakes on each truck to handle the different types of drain stoppages, properly and completely. Plungers work great for a toilet or a quick fix on a sink, but you aren’t calling us for a quick fix. You want your drains to be trouble free with no stoppages for years to come. If you have a problem drain, let us know. The more information you give us, the easier it is for us to determine the best course of action to deal with the different types of drain stoppages. With real problem drains or drains that have roots in them we may suggest getting a Sewer Line or Drain line Video Inspection * or possibly use our Hydro-Jetting Service.*

* Additional charges may apply

The Right Snake to Clear the Stoppage

Every truck has at least 4 different snakes and cables to handle the different types of drain stoppages.

Closet Auger to clear toilet stoppages.

Pistol Grip 1/4″ cables to clear tub drain stoppages, bathroom sink drain stoppages, and clogged shower drains.

Spartan 100, 1/2″ cable machine, the Cadillac of drain machines. It has an enclosed cable so it doesn’t spray dirty water all over as it is spinning. This drain machine is used to clear stoppages and clogs either thru a 2″ clean out like a kithchen sink or by pulling out the trap and clearing the drain thru the trap arm.

Then the “Big Dog” the Spartan 300, used for main drains. With this one we do need an access point into the drain with a 3″ or larger opening. Great for whole house stoppages, clearing drains with root problems and main line drain maintenance.

My bathroom sink is real slow draining, is there something I can do?

The little plunger in the drain can sometimes be pulled straight up and out. Other times you need to loosen it from under the sink. Loosening it from under the sink is prone to leaks. You may want to give us a call to do this if the pop up plunger doesn’t come right out. Hair is often trapped on this plunger called a “Pop-up” which of course slows the drain down considerably. They also make a small hand plunger for sinks, similar to the one you would use for a toilet, just smaller, that can help clear a bathroom sink. Be careful to cover the overflow hole near the top rim of the sink so you don’t squirt water all over the place.

Can I use those liquid drain cleaners in my sink?

You can, but they do not work on protiens, like hair which is the #1 cause of bathroom sink stoppages. Many of these liquids are caustic and can damage you pipes, Stay away from Sulfuric acid sometimes sold as “Clobber” or “Liquid Snake” They may eat the bottom out of your metal pipes or melt your plastic pipes. The amount you would pay us to clear the drain is not even a fraction of what it costs to locate the drain and dig it up to replace even so much as a section.

I see water under or around my washing machine, what should I do?

First of all Ladies, this isn’t a reason to throw out your clothes and buy a new wardrobe. If you can’t see the water coming out of the drain pipe when it is pumping out the water and the hoses aren’t leaking, it may be your drain pump of your washer. Plumbing companies don’t normally repair appliances. When you call us, we will come out and diagnose what the problem is. If it is not the drain or the water supply hoses, we will tell you this and let you know that you will need an appliance repair person to work on your washer. Since we really didn’t solve your problem….. NO CHARGE. If it is the drain, we have the correct cable and the expertise to do the job right.