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Water Heaters

Same day water heater Repairs and Installations

We know when your water heater stops working it affects everyone in your house. Yes, we know it’s a great excuse to take the little women out to dinner, but that could also mean a cold shower tonight or in the morning. With our fast, professional, hassle free service you may be able to make that dinner and still have a warm shower. With the money you could save compared to other plumbing companies you may even make it a little nicer restuarant and add a bottle of bubbly.

As a leading installer of Tankless Water Heaters we get great prices from our distributors, which we pass on to you. Although we do a lot of standard Tank Type Water Heaters too.

The Gas Co and Edison have great rebate programs for installing Tankless Water Heaters. We would be happy to help you check with them to see if you qualify for any rebates they are offering at this time.

FAQ’s on Water Heaters

My water is cold, what do I do?
First thing of course is to check and see if the water heater is working. Check to see if the temperature setting is set correctly and the pilot light is lit. If there is an electrical cords connected to your water heater you will not see a pilot light as it will have electronic ignition. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can read the instructions on the front of the water heater on how to relight your pilot if it is out. Or you can call the Gas Co. They will come out for free and light the pilot for you, but if there is a problem with the water heater they will not work on it or repair it. The next option is calling us at 714-568-2687 to have one of our courteous plumbers come out and check what the problem may be. He should be able to get you hot water in no time.

I see water under my water heater, do I need a new water heater?
Many times this is a sign the water heater is leaking. If the tank is leaking, there is no repair for this. But sometimes it is the connections at the top of the water heater where the water is coming in or going out. This is a simple fix that is really rather inexpensive.

The pipe on the side of my water heater is dripping, what is this?
This is the temperature and pressure relief valve drain line. This usually indicates the temerature or pressure in your water heater may be too high. Sometimes the relief spring inside the valve is getting week or the water pressure coming into your home may be too high. This is one of those times it is best for a qualified professional plumber to take a look. This really is a safety issue that should be taken care of sooner than later.

I hear my water heater making noises when it is heating, why?
For those of us old enough to remember, it may sound like one of the old percolating coffee pots. Some people say it sounds like marbles rolling around inside the water heater. What it is, is sediment built up on the bottom of the tank. This sediment actually gets boiled out of the water and ends up on the bottom. It basically looks and acts like sand, creating an insulating blanket along the bottom of the heater. As the water heater is trying to heat the water it has to heat the “Sand” first. The water boils inside the sand and as it makes it way up to the cooler water the bubbles colapse and this is what you hear. The thicker the “Blanket of Sand” the more boiling you get. This does create a problem by super heating the bottom part of your tank, which results in premature failure (Tank leaking).

Should I be getting a new Tankless water heater instead of the old type?
There are lots of benefits to getting a tankless water heater but there are also things people don’t like about them. This will be discussed in more detail on the Tankless Water Heaters page. Tankless water heaters are much more to install due to different requirements and codes, but also have longer useful life spans. Please feel free to call us to discuss anything from costs to is it a good option for your paticular situation. 714-568-2687

My water heater isn’t leaking but it is old. When should I think about replacing it?
Basically figure 7 years on a tank type water heater and you did well. Few of us have a tankless water heater that are near the end warranty. Back in the day, about 30 years ago they made water heaters differently, they made them to last. Water heaters were known to last 20+ years. Nowadays they build them with planned obsolescence. Basically they are build to last 7-8 years. Most carry a 6 year warranty. The ones that come with a 12 year warranty are the same tank with a different anode rod installed. The anode rod is made of a material the water is supposed to “eat” instead of the tank. Once the anode rod is used up the water then works on the tank itself. They have used a lot of research to keep themselves in business.